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KiEn Design (for Kronos Space) by KimaPrince KiEn Design (for Kronos Space) :iconkimaprince:KimaPrince 3 9 KyleAug2017 by KimaPrince KyleAug2017 :iconkimaprince:KimaPrince 3 8 Malfance Aug 2017 by KimaPrince Malfance Aug 2017 :iconkimaprince:KimaPrince 1 10 Stefan/Stephen/PN-57343 by KimaPrince Stefan/Stephen/PN-57343 :iconkimaprince:KimaPrince 2 2 Saki - Three Color/Shading Methods by KimaPrince Saki - Three Color/Shading Methods :iconkimaprince:KimaPrince 3 6 Boxed Baby by KimaPrince Boxed Baby :iconkimaprince:KimaPrince 0 0 4-6-17 Daily Drawing by KimaPrince 4-6-17 Daily Drawing :iconkimaprince:KimaPrince 3 4 Kronos Space by KimaPrince Kronos Space :iconkimaprince:KimaPrince 2 2 Playing with Fire WIP by KimaPrince Playing with Fire WIP :iconkimaprince:KimaPrince 3 4 Kole Fight Pose Thing (Kronos Space) by KimaPrince Kole Fight Pose Thing (Kronos Space) :iconkimaprince:KimaPrince 1 9 Yazu All Energized :3 by KimaPrince Yazu All Energized :3 :iconkimaprince:KimaPrince 0 4
Ticking Heartbeat by Kima Prince
I couldn’t see. I tried to open my eyes, but my sight remained dark; was my face swollen? It did feel rounder.
I listened, trying to figure out what was going on. I couldn’t hear anything around me, but inside I felt a ticking; an ever constant ticking that never missed a beat.
My heart. My heart was still beating. That was a good sign.
I felt heavy, as if gravity was pulling me down but it was only a small part of me that kept me off the ground. I couldn’t do anything about it as I felt like I could shatter and break if I slipped.
My hands, one smaller than the other, were in either direction. As time went, I rotated them; against my will. I didn’t want them to move forward. I wanted to do more than this. I couldn’t let this slip by.
The strangest part was that I had another hand. It moved to the rhythm of my heart and reminded me at every beat that I was slipping away.
Then, my hands overlapped as the third ticked above me.
Dong, dong, dong, dong.
:iconkimaprince:KimaPrince 1 4
New Pendant Cover by KimaPrince New Pendant Cover :iconkimaprince:KimaPrince 1 4 Alexandros :: Badlands Fantasy by KimaPrince Alexandros :: Badlands Fantasy :iconkimaprince:KimaPrince 2 9 'Wonderful' Sarcastic Pendant Sketch by KimaPrince 'Wonderful' Sarcastic Pendant Sketch :iconkimaprince:KimaPrince 2 0 Banished: Free E-book Cover by KimaPrince Banished: Free E-book Cover :iconkimaprince:KimaPrince 0 2
My art~ If you fave anything of mine, THANK YOU! I may not get to yer profile to say thanks but I do thank you :3

Random Favourites

Un gato. by faboarts Un gato. :iconfaboarts:faboarts 59,930 8,877 Snow Structure Brushes by Miarath Snow Structure Brushes :iconmiarath:Miarath 53 39 Color Palate Sheets by onyxrayne Color Palate Sheets :icononyxrayne:onyxrayne 17 11 LWolstrom-ACEO by Levn LWolstrom-ACEO :iconlevn:Levn 25 6 misc OC: Ahkina by thekawaiione misc OC: Ahkina :iconthekawaiione:thekawaiione 3 1 Crow Man by Alpha621 Crow Man :iconalpha621:Alpha621 11 68 Reference - Medieval Clothing by treijim Reference - Medieval Clothing :icontreijim:treijim 5,336 390 Super Sugar: Clothing Tutorial by SugarSugarHyperLolly Super Sugar: Clothing Tutorial :iconsugarsugarhyperlolly:SugarSugarHyperLolly 6,334 1,138 Wetlands at Sunset by ExclusivelyJess Wetlands at Sunset :iconexclusivelyjess:ExclusivelyJess 2 0 25 Screen tones for printing by amegoddess 25 Screen tones for printing :iconamegoddess:amegoddess 1,158 281 Levi 'Biff' Apogee by DraconicPhoenix Levi 'Biff' Apogee :icondraconicphoenix:DraconicPhoenix 4 1
Hope you see something you like :) I love all my DA friends ^___^ and they have epic art! And then there are the pieces I favorite even tho I donno who the artist is o_o cause it's just an epic piece XD


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United States


KiEn Design (for Kronos Space)
Ki-En, a warrior race from the 6th realm with a hatred for the 5th realm's Vahalos. A race...that used to just be anthropomorphic cats...called the Cattish.
Obviously, when it came to the revision of the novel's rough draft I knew it had to be changed. Though, I didn't mean for them to turn out looking like werewolves.
And now I hope to revise and adapt that draft to a webcomic.
Colorful paint splatty background...ya......need to start planning the background for these charries....

Originally the pose was suposted to be forward facing but as I worked on it I realized it looked pretty good from the back.
Kyle's hair is so hard to get right.
But yaaaaaa Kyle~
Malfance Aug 2017
It's been quite a few years since I had a well done, finished drawing of Mal, and this one is still a bit rushed.
Looking at my previous recent deviations I can see the similarities in my current style, things that I contemplated putting in this that I didn't realize I also did in my other recent drawings.
And then, it looks so odd to see Mal like this. Obviously, with my lack of recent practice it's not the most consistent piece, but it's such a shift from what I had done.
IDK I'm babbling.
Left the word balloon empty, but for the most part I think he was complaining my drawing looked more Disney (which it doesn't really) and he was teasing me on watching too much Moana (x.x why do babies fixate on one favorite show?) Mal was also worried I'd draw his hand too girly, that I drew his hair too feminine (I liked the play on a whispy-er hair look on this) complaining how that jacket doesn't seem logical anymore and wondering if I'll change his official outfit....and onwards....
Kyle says I should draw him next.
I remind them that Howey was CA's main charrie and all three shrug cause Howey isn't that interested in being in the spotlight.

Random fact: Today Mal would be 36 years old (January birthday) [not in the drawing], 12 years older than Howey (who's birthday isn't until November). Howey is 23 now. Kyle is 27 (March).
Asking a question on writing on a visual art focused site I know, but where would you post short stories for others to find and read? I know of Wattpad but I don't know which place is best. I'm going to post my shorts on my own website, but I'd like to find a social media place good for that as well, I believe you can post stories here on DA as well but was just wondering if anyone is fammiliar with a good place to get short stories out.

Hopefully, if all goes well I'll e getting out of my current slump and on top of things again. I just finished a booklet project for my church so it got me working with the computer and some writing again, and while I don't know where I should go with my creative works, I just don't feel like I'm...complete(?)...without creating something. It's depressing how little I've created in the past few years, so much so that my art muscles need exercise and I'm frustrated at things I currently create.

But I've also come to the decision that any visual art I create is mostly for fun, not profession, so I'm okay if my art doesn't look like...well...professionals. And that mindset gives me the freedom to cut some corners or use some creative liberty and stray from some norms (like actually inking drawings...mine always seem to look worse when I create a set ink line...)

O also want to get back to writing, thus the original question of short stories. My own website broke a while ago and I was too dumb to fix it properly so I'm just recreating it now =_=

Anywho, I appreciate all of you who still keep up with me :) I think I owe ya'll a drawing of Malfance or something....been thinking about taking old pages of Creator's Armor and redrawing them for fun/practice. CA will be a book series in the future, but I have comic material I can revive to help me practice for future comic projects.

Yes, I wanna get back into comics.

Anywho, I'm babbling now.

Love ya'll,


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